Committees are group of members formed to take responsibility of certain internal aspects of Techqueria.

Overview 🔗︎

Definitions 🔗︎

  1. A member is anyone who is part of Techqueria’s community.
  2. A committee is a group of members formed to take responsibility for certain aspects of Techqueria with the support of Techqueria’s board of directors.
  3. A committee chair leads the committee.

Number of Members 🔗︎

  • Each Committee should have at least 5 members and no more than 11, including the chair.
  • Each committee should be formed of 1 chair and 4 to 10 members.
  • Each committee will have direct access to at least 1 member from Techqueria’s board of directors for additional support.

Terms 🔗︎

  • Each member of the committee including the Chair shall have a 2-year term with an option to renew up to 1 time for a max term of 4 years.
  • Terms will be staggered to ensure that the entire committee does not roll off at the same time and to promote future knowledge sharing.

Meetings & Communication 🔗︎

  • It is not okay to have separate meetings or channels created to make committee decisions.
  • Staff and board members of Techqueria can be included in private committee channels but are not allowed to contribute to committee decisions unless directly prompted or otherwise noted in committee guidelines.
  • If a committee makes a decision by voting, it shall make a reasonable effort to inform all members about the vote and give them a chance to vote outside of the meeting itself.
  • Committee members should have the opportunity to read a summary of the meeting and share pertinent opinions before voting is finalized. If voting is held asynchronously, it must be left open for a minimum of 48 hours to ensure all committee members have an opportunity to give feedback.
  • Committees can use Doodle or a similar mechanism to decide on meeting times that are convenient for everyone.
  • While the requirement is to have at least 1 meeting every month for 1 hour, these can be made more frequent if needed.

Committee Member and Chair 🔗︎

Qualifications 🔗︎

In order to become a member of any committee, you must meet the minimum qualifications:

  • Identify as a Latinx professional in the tech industry
  • Be a member of Techqueria’s Slack Community for at least 1 year
  • Not have any prior Code of Conduct violations

These are not required but are a plus:

  • Previous governance experience in any role

Responsibilities 🔗︎

  • Elect a chair to represent the group
  • Hold meetings as a committee for 1 hour every month
  • Keep meeting notes, including agenda items, discussion points, and outcomes for everyone to review
  • Collaborate and work in good faith with other Committees
  • Create yearly goals for the committee based on responsibilities
  • Keep committee overview and members up to date on Techqueria’s website for transparency

Chair Selection 🔗︎

A Committee Chair is a committee member that oversees the committee.

  • Each Committee shall be led by a Chair.
  • A person is eligible to chair a committee if and only if they satisfy all conditions:
    1. They wish to serve as Chair.
    2. They are already a member of the committee.
    3. They are not the chair of another committee
    4. They have not Chaired that committee more recently than any eligible member.
  • A Committee can not have the same chair twice in a row.
  • If the only person willing to serve next is the current chair, this is a sign of an unhealthy group and should be escalated to staff.
  • The Committee will make a reasonable effort to notify potential candidates that a new term is coming so that interested parties can declare their eligibility.
  • A Chair is selected by majority vote from current members.
    • Votes should be private.
    • If there is a tie, the Chair will be randomly chosen.
  • The candidates and selection are to be documented and made public.
  • A Chair’s term does not need to begin at the same time as other chairs’ terms.

Chair Responsibilities 🔗︎

  • Chairs have responsibilities to their Committee: they represent the collective will of that group to others.
  • Chairs have responsibilities to their parent Committee: they ensure that their Committee is carrying out its mission.
  • Chairs have responsibility to all participants in transparently reporting the group’s activity.
  • Chairs also have the following regular duties within their Committee:
  • Collect agenda items prior to each meeting to ensure a smooth and focused Committee meeting.
  • Ensure that the Committee is notified of the agenda for the meeting in a timely manner in advance of the meeting.
  • Attend and lead each Committee meeting.
    • If the Chair is unable to attend a given meeting, they should delegate a pre-appointed person to lead the meeting in their stead.
  • Ensure meeting notes are uploaded to Notion.
  • Check into persistent issues present on a given Committee’s repositories of responsibility
  • Ensure that the Committee roster list is an accurate reflection of current member activity.
  • In addition to these responsibilities, a Chair may have additional responsibilities specific to their Committee.

Benefits 🔗︎

  • Visibility as a committee member on Techqueria’s website
  • Empowerment and autonomy over governance within Techqueria
  • Supporting the largest community of Latinx in Tech
  • Kudos in #positive-vibes
  • Annual volunteer gift from leadership
  • LinkedIn recommendation from leadership
  • You tell us! We’re open to coming up with better ways to support and recognize you for your work

Conduct 🔗︎

All committee members are required to sign and adhere to Techqueria’s Leaders Code of Conduct.

Selection Process 🔗︎

  • If a committee wants to be formed for the first time, an initial election must occur.
  • A minimum of 5 members must be chosen and onboarded in order to form the committee.
  • 1 member from Techqueria’s staff and 1 member from Techqueria’s board of directors will help oversee the first 4 meetings and then remove themselves from the meetings.

New Committees Selection Process 🔗︎

Qualify → Apply → Interview → Vote

In order to become a formal member of a new committee, a prospective member must:

  1. Meet the minimum qualifications
  2. Submit an application
    • Application for new members shared in #announcements and closed after 2 weeks
    • Applications will be reviewed in private channel #meta-committee-applications by members of board and staff and volunteer leads
  3. Selected applicants will have a 1-hour interview with a board member, staff member, and volunteer lead
  4. Final members chosen by vote from all interviewees

Existing Committees Selection Process 🔗︎

Qualify → Apply → Interview → Meetings → Vote

In order to become a formal member of an existing committee, a prospective member must:

  1. Meet the minimum qualifications
  2. Submit an application
    • Application for new members should be shared in #announcements and closed after 2 weeks
    • Applications will be reviewed in private channel #meta-committee-applications by members of board and staff and volunteer leads
  3. Attend 3 consecutive meetings
  4. After attending 3 meetings, you must be approved by a majority of current committee members
    • The prospective member shall leave the meeting during the deliberation and during the vote.
    • The meeting notes shall contain only the outcome of the vote (approved/not approved), not the individual votes.
    • Members not able to attend the meeting at which the vote occurs may submit their vote to the Chair prior to the meeting.

Removal 🔗︎

A committee member should step down if they:

  • violate the Code of Conduct or the Leaders Code of Conduct
  • miss multiple meetings in a row
  • not actively contributing

A committee member may be removed at any time through a majority vote by the rest of the committee as long as there is advance notice that such a vote will take place.

A committee member can also voluntarily step down at any time.

If a member steps down, applications should be shared in #announcements and the process should be followed to select a new member.

If a Chair steps down, a new one is selected and a new term begins.

If you feel another committee member has violated the Code of Conduct, that should be brought up to the Trust & Safety Committee by filing a report.

If you feel another committee member is not actively contributing or is otherwise unfit for the role, please bring it up with the board of directors by emailing

Escalations 🔗︎

Committee → Board of Directors

  • If an agreement cannot be reached within a committee, the issue may be brought to Techquera’s board of directors who will be responsible for making a final decision.
  • Regardless of how the agreement is reached, the participating committee shall make a reasonable effort to record and post their decisions for transparency.

Updating Guidelines 🔗︎

These committee guidelines can be updated by Techqueria’s Board of Directors through a vote.

Questions? 🔗︎

Let us know in #meta-committees

Kudos 🔗︎

Inspiration for these guidelines came in part from Electron.

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