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I began attending @Techqueria events ever since I made up my mind on switching careers (from teaching to software engineering) about two years ago. Last October, while I was interviewing for my first software engineering job, I went to an informal lunch in the Mission w/ other Techqueria members (yay for spontaneous meet-ups). After sharing my story, even though we were all essentially strangers, I felt like they believed in me and my ability in getting a job.

A few weeks later, I received an offer from where I wanted to work most (yay), and I can’t help but feel gratitude for the people at that lunch. Something so seemingly inconsequential like someone saying β€œoh you’ll for sure get it” can truly go far.

So today when I attended the Engineering Dinner hosted by @Techqueria & @crunchbase, I felt in community as a Latina and as an engineer.

(It’s actually the first engineering-specific event that I’ve attended since starting my new career and not once did I doubt my belonging.)

ANYWAY, hype the hell outta people because you don’t know how impactful it may be and find your communities!

Gabriela Contreras-Cisneros, 10/09/2019

Hola a todos! Just want to share that last week during the GHC conference, I accepted an offer with Google for their IT Residency Program. Without a doubt I can say that being part of Techqueria was a huge factor of me reaching that goal. The community in this space is irreplaceable and I'm so grateful to be part of this. From the bottom of my heart, thank you! ❀️

Veronica Morales, 10/09/2019

Good news everyone! I have a job! After going through a few crazy twists and turns I have landed a job at Deliv πŸ˜„ I am currently a Community Operations Manager where I manage a small team to optimize driver onboarding. I could not have done it without y’all either. I dealt with a lot of rejection and people telling me how hard it would be to get back into tech after going to school over the past few months. Made me question a lot, but through it all this community helped push me forward. From going to events and hearing crazier stories than my own or even just reading through some of the introductions of this awesome community, it all gave me gas to keep pushing for something better. A big shout out to @Frances Coronel for offering to help along the way, @felipe for doing the same, and @Pablo Carbajal for making my contributions to Techqueria 10x easier with his fantastic photography! As I get settled in I hope to be more active and will be posting a lot more very soon!

Francisco Cruz-Mendoza, 10/07/2019

View from my desk at my new job. Going to be doing development on University systems and creating content to teach people how to use it. Huge thanks to @gilbertjgonzales @felipe and @Frances Coronel for taking the time out of their busy day to talk to me 1-on-1 about school, career and personal aspirations and goals. ❀️

Pablo Carbajal, 09/30/2019

I'm not going to lie, seeing more and more folks coming in to Techqueria everyday is what's bringing me all the positive vibes. :sun-smiling: Techqueria is the community I needed and I'm so excited I get to help provide that for others. Cheers to everyone here for creating and contributing to this community. ✊🏽

Kristal Garcia, 09/30/2019

I love Techqueria!

Andy Cabistan, 08/06/2019

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