Advancing into Senior Roles - Mountain View

Techqueria welcomes you to our first ever South Bay event. Our panelists, whose backgrounds run the gamut from statistical analysis to product …

Advancing into Senior Roles - Mountain View

🗓️Thursday - February 23, 2017


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Techqueria welcomes you to our first ever South Bay event.

Our panelists, whose backgrounds run the gamut from statistical analysis to product management, will speak about lessons learned in the tech industry as they’ve advanced into senior roles in their careers.

  • Carlos Gomez Uribe, Director of Product, Facebook

  • Michelle Rodriguez, Diversity & Inclusion program manager, VMWare

  • Rubí Sanchez, Product Manager, Atipica

  • Matthew Tamayo-Rios, Founder, Loom Technologies

All are welcome.

There’s a nearby mall with parking, as well as parking in the building. Food and drinks will be provided. If you need a ride from SF/East Bay to the South Bay (or are interested in offering one), please join our Slack ( and look for the channel #ridesharing to start a thread.


6:30 PM - Doors open

7:15 PM - Opening remarks by Techqueria

7:20 PM - Opening remarks by Udacity

7:25 PM - Panel

8:00 PM - Q&A session with the panelists

9:00 - Closing remarks and networking

9:30 - Doors close

Panelist Bios

Carlos Gomez Uribe:

Carlos Gómez Uribe is a Director of Product at Facebook working on the news feed algorithm that selects the stories people see on their Facebook experience. Before this, he was the Vice President of Product Innovation at Netflix where he led the team that developed algorithms for movie recommendations, searches, and was in charge of modeling personalization technology for Netflix customers. Before joining Netflix in 2010, Carlos worked at Google, McKinsey and company, and Merrill Lynch.

He is a computer scientist and engineer with years of experience of applied mathematics and modeling, as well as statistical analysis in various industries.

Carlos received his PhD from MIT in Medical and Electronic Engineering. He also holds a master’s in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, as well as a double major in Mathematics and Computer and Engineering Science.

Michelle Rodriguez:

Michelle Rodriguez is the Diversity & Inclusion Program Manager at VMware. In this role, she leads key programs and drives the new company strategy, VMinclusion, for broader diversity and inclusion. She strategized a customized employee resource group design that enables employee engagement at a global scale through every level of the company.

Before VMware, Michelle worked in event marketing at Yahoo where she was responsible for promoting and elevating the company’s diversity programs. She managed Yahoo’s signature events including Lunar New Year, Diwali, and Pride and was successful at increasing company-wide participation and social media presence year over year. She also launched the Latino ERG, ERES, and helped create their Veterans community.

Michelle got her start in the tech industry at SAP. It was there that she created an annual Global Diversity campaign for their Palo Alto Labs campus. She also worked with senior leadership to partner with local non-profit organizations to increase the representation of women in the company.

Michelle earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology and Ethnic Studies from Santa Clara University and her Master in Public Administration from the University of Southern California.

In her spare time, Michelle enjoys volunteer work and serves on the Board of Directors of Foundation for a College Education and the Junior League of Palo Alto - Mid Peninsula. Michelle enjoys traveling with her husband and is always looking for recommendations on that next cool travel destination.

Rubi Sanchez:

Rubi Sanchez is a UC Berkeley graduate and current Product Manager at Atipica. She is passionate about AI powered technologies that create a lasting meaningful impact. Before Atipica, she led early Health Information Technology implementation efforts across San Francisco and co-founded a computer vision company that was recognized by President Obama at the first ever White House Demo Day.

Matthew Tamayo-Rios

Matthew Tamayo-Rios is founder and CEO of Loom Technologies, a team of determined optimists on mission to improve operational and policy outcomes for government through secure data sharing.

Prior to founding Loom, Matthew worked on the government team at Palantir as a Forward Deployed Software Engineer where he built tools to monitor real-time crime, perform geo-temporal searches on automated license plate reader data, investigate gangs, authenticate officers across California, and protect privacy through cryptographically tamper-resistant audit logging.

Before that Matthew worked as a program manager at Microsoft responsible for UAC, authentication protocols, credential management, and platform integrity across Windows 7 and Windows 8. His work resulted in two granted patents for Microsoft on unobtrusive assurance of authentic user intent and secure data synchronization. Matthew got his start in computer security and data science at the early age of nine, hacking his mother’s point of sale retail system to adjust the ice cream inventory, which lead to studying Mathematics and Computer Science at RPI and doing a Master’s in Applied Mathematics at the University of Washington.

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