Twitter Threads with Techqueria

Join us for a night of networking and inspiring stories told by Latinx in Tech hosted by Twitter.

Twitter Threads with Techqueria

๐Ÿ—“๏ธ Wednesday - August 14, 2019

๐Ÿ“ Bay Area

๐Ÿข Twitter

Twitter Threads

Techqueria had an event in partnership with Twitter Alas to talk about what itโ€™s like being Latinx in Tech.

We also raised ~\$2,500 at the event in support of El Paso.

Follow us @Techqueria and @TwitterAlas and check out the conversations using the hashtag #LatinxTechTwitter.

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Video by Pablo Carabajal (

DI audio courtesy of West Wave Media (

Clear your calendar!

Weโ€™re having an open-mic night in partnership with Techqueria to talk about what itโ€™s like being Latinx in Tech.

Weโ€™ll keep the conversation on Twitter going as we live-tweet questions and get a global perspective.

Join us in person for good food, community, and conversation!

Follow us @TwitterAlas and join the global conversation using the hashtag #LatinxTechTwitter.


An opportunity to come together across the nation

In light of the recent shooting in El Paso, we want to provide the opportunity for members and allies of the community to show their support by contributing to the El Paso Community Foundation fund.

Donations are not necessary to attend the event but every little bit helps show our love and support for affected families.

Learn more at

๐Ÿ‘ฅ2 people helped with this event

โœจ1 company involved


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๐ŸŒฎAbout Techqueria

Techqueria is a 501c3 nonprofit that empowers Latinx professionals in the tech industry by building networking and career advancement opportunities.

Our mission is to provide the Latinx professionals in the tech industry with the resources and support that they need to attain, thrive, and remain in a career within the technology industry.

We build Latinx-centered spaces that revolve around career advice, technical talks, mentorship, open jobs, networking events, speaking opportunities, and open-source and we work with both employee resource groups (ERGs) and tech companies to comprehensively affect change in the tech industry.

Coming from all walks of life, we believe that the diversity of our community is the most reliable asset we have.

Our space aims to be inclusive so we invite Latinx from the regions of the Caribbean, Haiti, and Brazil as well as those who identify as Afro-Latinx, Asian-Latinx or LGBTQIA.

The term Latinx is used instead of Latino or Latina because it is a gender-neutral and inclusive term.

Ultimately, Techqueria's goal is to become the most powerful and robust professional network of Latinx professionals in the tech industry across the world.

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