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Benefits Data Trust (BDT) is a not-for-profit organization committed to helping people live healthier, more independent lives by creating smarter ways to access essential benefits and services. At its core, BDT envisions a world that connects people to essential benefits and services while treating them with dignity and respect. BDT uses private-sector and cutting-edge strategies to reduce poverty by using data, targeted outreach, policy change, and new technologies to provide efficient and dignified access to assistance.

BDT seeks a Director of Software Engineering to help drive our growth and impact. The Director of Software Engineering reports to the Chief Digital Officer and assists in planning and executing the application development strategy for BDT. This role is responsible for leading the Software Engineering team that architects, builds, tests, implements, and maintains the BDT applications that empower users to connect people with the benefits they need.

As a member of the D&T leadership team, the individual needs to be a collaborative and engaged partner across the organization in delivering solutions that are right for our staff and the organization. BDT is a dynamic, mission-driven organization looking for leadership that can deliver on our commitments of today, as well as chart and navigate us into the future, pushing the needle forward.


Lead the Team

  • Manage the software engineering department with employee support, hiring, conflict resolution, and HR Responsibilities
  • Ensure SMART goals are set annually for the entire team and that the goals are reviewed, relevant, and achieved while also providing a career framework in alignment with HR
  • Support, coach, and mentor software developers and develop the management skills of frontline managers
  • Manage the budget for the team
  • Track the work being done and hold the team accountable for delivering the work assigned
  • Support the Chief Digital Officer in understanding, planning, and implementing the needs of the division and organization

Deliver what’s needed today

  • Provide Technical expertise, guidance, and oversight for software development
  • Partner with the Products Team to understand the detailed business needs and prioritize with them to put solutions in place to address their needs
  • Ensure availability and accessibility of applications to ensure systems are ready for business hours by strengthening quality assurance
  • Partner with the Data & Security Teams to implement technical solutions making sure that the software solutions that we provide are collaborative, inclusive, and adhere to data and security standards
  • Partner with architects and release manager to ensure that software development processes align with the defined architecture and methodology

Build the platform

  • Deliver on a transition from a monolithic architecture to a service/api based architecture that ensures maximum flexibility in our product offerings
  • Co-create, maintain, and deliver on the technical strategy/roadmap to maintain, support, and improve our technology platform
  • Iterate on the above to continue to modularize the technology to gain efficiencies as we scale

Plan for the future

Lead the development of a transformation to enable omni-channel service delivery for benefits access that includes:

  • Automating tasks/jobs within BDT
  • Reducing the time to onboard new customers and deliver new products
  • Integrating technologies such as chatbots, mobile devices & wearables, Artificial Intelligence, etc.

Desired Background and Competencies

  • Leading and managing development activity for enterprise-level solutions
    10-15 years of progressive experience leading software development organizations
  • Technical background in the areas of software product/enterprise application development & creation of adaptable software architecture
  • Having worked in a nonprofit organization experiencing transformation is a plus
  • Effective communicator and relationship builder
  • Able to remove barriers to productive teamwork creating an environment of accountability and an increasing sense of belonging and ownership
  • Facile with agile development processes and can improve the team’s process, estimation, and forecasting capabilities
  • Adept at building and leading teams
  • Incorporate 3rd party tooling into customer software solutions
  • Action-oriented with the ability to get things done and overcome obstacles
  • Able to create cross-functional partnerships to deliver on business initiatives
  • Proven success at aligning technology goals with business objectives
  • Able to identify and re-engineer inefficient processes to achieve higher levels of quality and productivity
  • Experience managing complex business and technical environments
  • Effective C-suite partner and executive business communications
  • Background in requirements management

BDT operates under a remote-working protocol and follows CDC guidelines due to COVID-19. BDT has adopted a mandatory vaccination and testing policy to safeguard the health of our employees from the hazard of COVID-19. Employees may request an exemption from the policy by providing documentation for medical or religious reasons if needed.

About BDT

Benefits Data Trust (BDT) improves health and financial security by harnessing the power of data, technology, and policy to provide dignified and equitable access to assistance. Together with a national network of government agencies and partners, we efficiently connect people today to programs that pay for food, healthcare, and more while helping to modernize benefits access for tomorrow. A nonprofit since 2005, BDT has secured more than $9 billion in benefits for households across the country, helping to reduce hunger and poverty and build pathways to economic mobility. Learn more about BDT – a proud recipient of Top Workplaces USA Awards in 2021 & 2022 – at

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