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Cortico is looking for a software engineer to help us build the Local Voices Network, a platform that gathers and amplifies underheard voices from communities across the country. The role is best suited for someone who is passionate about building software that acts as a complement to deep human interactions.

You’ll be working on our conversation platform that supports community organizations, journalists, policymakers, and citizens in gathering people together for constructive dialogue, amplifying voices from these conversations to a wider audience, and making sense of large collections of public conversation data through analytic listening.

As a member of the Cortico engineering team, you will be working with a large corpus of audio and transcript data from facilitated conversations. In the past three years, we have collected, transcribed, and indexed conversations involving over 10K people in partnership with over 100 local, global, and media partners. Cortico has done this in tight collaboration with the MIT Center for Constructive Communication, which houses researchers and experts in areas from natural language processing to political science. The work that Cortico engages in with MIT is at the intersection of human computer interaction, civic engagement, and machine learning. This combination of research and deployment is uniquely situated to push the frontier of what digital democracy and civic participation could be.

The compensation range for this role is $110,000-$125,000 and we have competitive benefits which can be found here. Unfortunately, we are unable to sponsor visas at this time.

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Tell us about the interview process for this job

Short phone call with hiring manager to set expectations and make sure we’re all on the same page about the role and your qualifications. Time bound (2-4 hours) React take home assignment. The assignment will give you a chance to work with some of our data, but won’t involve building anything of value for Cortico. We want to make sure the take home isn’t extractive, but instead gives you an opportunity to assess what it may be like to build software with us. Follow-up discussion to review take-home assignment with members of the Cortico engineering team. 15-20 minute technical talk on any topic of interest to you, followed by answering questions from the Cortico team (both technical and non-technical team members). This presentation is intended for us to understand your communication style, not your technical skill. An overview of Cortico’s system architecture and discussion. Conversation with a member of the product team to chat about incoming projects Meet with our CEO Reference checks We aim to review and respond to all applicants within three weeks of submission.

Tell us about your diversity and inclusion efforts

Cortico’s team is kind, collaborative, inquisitive, and inclusive. We have high standards for quality and Cortico’s product and engineering team is kind, collaborative, inquisitive, and inclusive. We have high standards for quality and ethics, and help each other learn in order to reach our objectives. We think technology is best built by teams with a diversity of background, thought, and experience. Every team member is a human first, and we strive to create a culture and environment that supports your career goals and respects all of the hats you wear in life, not just the ones that earn you a paycheck.

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