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Desmos Studio is on a mission to help everyone learn math, love math, and grow with math. We do this by building a free suite of math tools that help people represent their ideas mathematically, connect different representations dynamically, and then conceive entirely new ideas. Our tools are now used by more than 75 million people around the world.

As a Public Benefit Corporation, we’re committed to keeping our core products freely available for individual use, not relying on external funding, never allowing 3rd party advertising, and never selling our users’ data. We’re able to stand behind those commitments on the back of being healthily profitable with a transparent business model: we license our software to other companies to incorporate into their products.

We are seeking a UI / Visual designer to help us continue to build beautiful and intuitive products. As the first design hire for Desmos Studio, you will be responsible for designing everything from wireframes to pixel-perfect icons, from landing pages to swag, working closely with nearly every team here. You’ll also have the opportunity to build on and evolve our established design language and brand identity.

What you should show up ready to teach anyone on your first day:

  • How to make beautiful graphics for the web using modern design tools and share which tools you think are best to use (we have used a mix of Figma, Sketch, InDesign, and Illustrator).
  • The benefits of clean, consistent, intuitive design and how to identify strong examples (and counterexamples).
  • How feedback and revision is incorporated into your product design process.
  • Some of the designs you’ve made that you’re most proud of!

What you’ll learn more about after you’re hired:

  • Our commitment to accessibility, including the motivation for and requirements of various accessibility standards, and how to design from the ground up for users with disabilities (especially visual impairments).
  • The unique challenges of designing technology for the wide variety of people, devices, and environments that Desmos Studio serves.
  • The technologies that allow us to build performant, powerful, reliable browser-based experiences.

Within your first month, you’ll: 

  • Spend time getting to know our small, mighty team (there’s fewer than 20 of us today!) and the ways we work together.
  • Speak with some of our users to learn about how they use our products, what they love, and changes they’d like to see.
  • Share design ideas with other members of the team, asking for and incorporating feedback into designs.
  • Redesign at least one of the pages on and help see it through to release.

Within your first three months, you’ll:

  • Update and upgrade the visual design of existing assets (e.g. support materials and social media posts) with an eye towards delight and consistency.
  • Become an integral part of both the early mockups and final release of any major new user-facing features of the Calculators.
  • Create design resources and templates in Figma so other internal teams can find assets and guidelines when needed.

Within your first year, you’ll:

  • Participate in goal setting to help determine the direction of the company and our design priorities for the near future.
  • Play a significant role in the vision for consistent branding across assets and platforms reflective of our values and north star.
  • Participate in events to get to know our users and better understand the role that Desmos Studio plays for them.
  • Take a vacation to recharge. We do our best work when we’re happy and well-rested.

As part of the team, you’ll receive: 

  • Competitive compensation. Every full-time member of the team receives generous stock and salary compensation as well as a 401(k) match of up to 5% of annual salary.
  • Great benefits. We offer medical, vision, dental, short-term disability, long term disability, and life insurance. We also offer Medical and Dependent Care FSAs, a minimum of 30 days off (including 19 full-company holidays), and more!
  • Flexible hours. We’re a fully remote team, and everyone sets their own hours.
  • Work-life balance. We value results over hours and sustainable, long-term success over short-term wins.
  • Ownership and influence. As a member of a small team with few external stakeholders, each person here plays a major role in defining our policies, goals, culture, and benefits.

Does this sound like a role you could see yourself in? Submit an application which includes your resume and a link to your design portfolio (including examples of wire frame design, a static non-interactive example and an interactive example that includes user workflow) today.

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Tell us about the interview process for this job

The interview process for this role will include a phone screen, a design task + virtual discussion, a handful of virtual conversations with team members for final interviews, and reference checks.

Tell us about your diversity and inclusion efforts

We want to live in a world where opportunity doesn’t depend on the circumstances of your birth. In particular, we want everyone everywhere to have equal access to the power and beauty of math. We understand that, presently, some populations of students are more likely than others to encounter this beauty and power. We need your help to change that. Just as people need math, math needs people. The world is full of problems for which math is a part of the solution. Many of these solutions will require new ideas, and even new mathematics. The more diverse the people who identify and work on these problems, the more likely we'll be able to find solutions. At the macro level, this means supporting diverse students and teachers in learning powerful mathematics. At the micro level, it means we need a diverse set of colleagues building the tools to support those students and teachers.

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