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Our mission is to democratize good machine learning.

About the Role

As a frontend engineer on the Gradio team, you will work with core web technologies and python to build complex UI components to empower Gradio users to develop powerful applications with minimal code. You will respond quickly to the constantly changing needs of our user base to enable new and more exciting use cases.

Gradio has been used to build viral demos for dalle-mini and Stable Diffusion. This role offers the unique opportunity to directly impact authors and end users of machine learning applications.

You’ll help maintain a popular open-source library and nurture an engaged and passionate open-source community, helping users to contribute to and use the tools you build. You’ll collaborate with researchers, ML practitioners, data scientists and software engineers daily through GitHub, Discord and Slack.

About you

You are passionate about open source and want to make machine learning as accessible as possible. You have used TypeScript and a JS framework professionally (React or Svelte ideally). You are comfortable working directly with core web APIs (canvas, audio, etc.).

Ideally, you will have a few years of experience, always keeps users front and centre, and love collaborating. But as much as technical aptitude is important, we are looking for someone kind, thoughtful and engaged.

If you’re interested in joining us but don’t tick every box above, we’d still encourage you to apply! We’re building a diverse team whose skills, experiences, and backgrounds complement one another.

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Tell us about the interview process for this job

You will first meet with and then some other members of the Gradio team!

Tell us about your diversity and inclusion efforts

We have an active DEIB group amongst our ~150 employees and active diversity hiring and inclusion efforts.

Do you have an active contract with ICE?


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