Techqueria LA: Civic Technology

On May 3rd Techqueria LA held an amazing meetup at UrbanTXT, an organization that inspires young men of color (7th-11th grade) to become developers …

Techqueria LA: Civic Technology

🗓️Friday - May 19, 2017

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On May 3rd Techqueria LA held an amazing meetup at UrbanTXT, an organization that inspires young men of color (7th-11th grade) to become developers and tech entrepreneurs. The setting was ideal as the focus of this event was civic technology. Community members, students of UrbanTXT as well as many new attendees were present.

We heard two excellent presentations that explored very different aspects of civic technology. Chris Cuellar who is a member of Color Coded focused on how technology is not neutral and how to advance sustainable, community-centric projects for people of color of all identities. While Juan Vasquez is a data and engagement strategist that works closely with Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. He introduced us to the City of Los Angeles’ various data portals, highlighting ways to identify and explore datasets.

You can find their presentations here:

Cool people we met 🔗︎

Carlos Macias is a UC Berkeley alumni and game developer at Nickelodeon.

Anabel Krishnan is a former web developer turned technical product manager at Mirum Agency.

We’re all on Slack 🔗︎

Please join our Slack community and connect with us on #locals-la!

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Support UrbanTXT 🔗︎

TXT is launching the “Techie Tuesday” series to spark tech innovation in South LA. The first Techie Tuesday will feature the CEO and CTO of Santa Monica’s DroneBase. They will highlight key aspects of the drone industry and discuss how they are using drones to disrupt aerial photography and data. Come learn how DroneBase started, how they are innovating, and how they raise money. Support TXT as they bring innovative talks to South LA! #WeAreSouthLATech.

Techie Tuesday: Drone Base May 23, 2017 | 5pm — 7pm The Cube 3655 S Grand Ave Los Angeles, CA 90007

L.A. Media + Tech Panel presented by Techtinx 🔗︎

Join a panel discussion exploring topics like channel and audience fragmentation, the meshing of politics and social content, representation and inclusion in media, and how what these could look like in the future.

June 14, 2017 | 6pm — 8pm WeWork 312 Arizona Ave Santa Monica, CA 90401

Para todos todo 🔗︎

We are sincerely working towards building an inclusive community. We encourage all people to participate in Techqueria, at any capacity and regardless of their background or level of expertise. If you have an idea for an event, suggesting for a space where we can host future events or know of a community that Techqueria should connect with, please chat with us on Slack!

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