Career Growth

Resources related to career growth.


Within the Techqueria community, we provide different resources to help our members advance their careers, whether it is to find a new job, negotiate, practice for interviews or find new employees.

To join our Slack team, you can request an invite to your email on our Slack welcome page and then you can participate with your smartphone or computer.

If you haven’t used Slack before, take a look at these Getting Started pages where they explain how to take advantage of all the features.

In Slack, we have a channel titled #jobs that hosts all these discussions.


There’s a LinkedIn group to post about job offers, recommendations, and get information to advance your career.


We hold events around once a month through our Meetup Group in the Bay Area, these events are an excellent opportunity to make new friends and connections, to help you land a job, and for some Meetups, we have coding workshops or training related t0 career progress.

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