Immigrants Rising: Resources on Law & Policy

Topics in this guide include filing taxes as an independent contractor, expenses, and deductions, managing cash flow and saving for taxes. These guides accompany the webinars and handouts, which you may watch and read for additional information.

Immigrants Rising: Resources on Law & Policy

The National Immigration Legal Services Directory helps you find immigration legal services providers by state, county, or detention facility. Only nonprofit organizations that provide free or low-cost immigration legal services are included.

The List contains information on nonprofit organizations and attorneys who have committed to providing at least 50 hours per year of pro bono legal services before the immigration court location where they appear on the List. It also contains information on pro bono referral services that refer individuals in immigration court proceedings to pro bono counsel. For a copy of the full List of Pro Bono Legal Service Providers.

Immigrants Rising: Undocumented Workers Employment Rights” 🔗︎

This Fact Sheet is intended to provide accurate, general information regarding legal rights relating to employment in California. Because laws and legal procedures are subject to frequent change and differing interpretations, the Legal Aid Society-Employment Law Center cannot ensure the information in this Fact Sheet is current nor be responsible for any use. Do not rely on this information without consulting an attorney or the appropriate agency about your rights in your particular situation.

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