Gina Giardinieri

Operations Associate at Mulberry Technology

Gina Giardinieri

🗓️Friday - September 29, 2017

Techstars Startup Weekend was an unforgettable experience.

I was looking to transition from a career in Education to the tech world for a while and when I heard of Startup Weekend I decided to take the leap of faith and get outside of my comfort zone.

I had so many thoughts running through my head like, “Will anyone say anything about me being a teacher? Will anyone want me to be part of their group? Honestly, those questions did not matter because everyone was so welcoming and ready to work together.

I ended up joining a great team of people with with careers in tech and outside of tech.

Techstars start up weekend was such an amazing learning experience because it showed me how a company can be built in 52 hours.

This was so rewarding and I would recommend it to anyone looking to learn,network, and be challenged.

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