Welcome to the Techqueria Slack

If you are already a slack member, sign up here: http://latinos.slack.com/, otherwise request an invitation here.

Slack is a great way for the community to stay in touch, in this page we included some information that will make your slack experience better.

First of all, we have a code of conduct, in short, this is a profesional community, be respectful of everyone and their identity. Non profesional behavior is not accepted. If you feel that someone is breaking the code of conduct contact us and we will sort it out.

If this is your first time using slack and want to learn more about it, start here.

We have customized a few things about our slack to make communications better, we have bots, custom emoji, special commands and channels to make communication better.

Public Channels

We have created different channels to keep conversations relevant. Those channels are not joined by deault, you can click on CHANNELS to see a list of all the channels and join the ones you want.

Default Channels

There are three default channels:

  • #admin-announcements is locked to the organizers, is where we post news and information about the community and future events.
  • #jobs is for sharing and requesting job opportunities.
  • #random is used for conversations that don't particularly fit in any topic channel, but could be relevant for everyone.

We monitor most activity in those channels to make sure content is relevant, if something off-topic is posted there, we might move it to a more appropiate channel.

Location Channels

We have a few location channels, they're prefixed with locals, like: #locals-sf, #locals-chicago, #locals-nyc, #locals-la, #locals-sandiego, and you can contact the admins to get new ones started.

Use them to communicate with folks in those locations, whether you live there or visiting it can be a great resource.

Topic channels

We have some great conversations about #comida, #musica, #futbol, #politica, #memes, #mentoring and other topics in their respective channels.

Private channels

We have a few private channels for conversations that you don't want everyone to see, we're using a system created by WeAllJs to manage the participation in those.

To see a list of available channels, run the command /list-private, and click on the join button to request an invitation.

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When you click on the emoji icon in the conversation or to add a reaction, you can see a ton of custom ones we've added. You can find images for things like arepa, empanada, baseball teams, avocado, etc. Take a look at them and enjoy! and feel free to add more.

Contact us

If you want to messsage the moderators for whatever reason, to say hi, request an invite, send us flowers or anything, use the following command /admin followed by your message.

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Get Involved

If you'd like to participate in the conversation about the future of the community, event planning, suggest speakers and be more involved, join the channel #meta.

Contribute to this document

If you'd like to make this page better, or anything in the website, feel free to send us a PR in github.