✨ 2021 Partners ✨

💎 Sponsors 💎

Organizations that have contributed to us in exchange for services.

📣 Affiliate Partners 📣

Organizations we partner with to share opportunities with our members.

👥️ Community Partners 👥️

Nonprofit organizations we partner with that also support Latinx in Tech.

💻 Software Sponsors 💻

Organizations that have granted us access to their software with a nonprofit or open source discount.

🕒 Past Partners 🕒

Organizations that we’ve partnered up with in the past.

We’ve had 93 different organizations partner with us in some capacity since 2015.

Active Patreon Donors

Individuals who pledge us $25 or more each month via Patreon.

Deldelp Medina

Executive Director, Black & Brown Founders

Jared Vasquez

Data Scientist at StitchFix

Joey Mejias

Senior Manager, Sirius XM

John Martinez
John Martinez

Director of Cloud R&D / Developer Relation at Palo Alto Networks

Krystal Flores

Software Engineer and Human Router

Liliana A Monge

Co-Founder & CEO, Sabio

Mica Alaniz

Developer working in the intersection of tech and politics

Michael Urbina

Principal Diversity Talent Partner, Executive Search at PagerDuty