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Please refer to our job board FAQ below before posting.

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  • $150. 1 job listed for 30 days.

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  • $1,000. 7 jobs listed for 30 days each.
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How does posting a job on Techqueria’s Job Board work?

1. Purchase a job post via our website
2. Receive receipt and confirmation via email
3. Job post live on website with the ability to edit, renew or take down job post

Where is the job post shared?

We automatically share the job post on the website and in the #jobs channel in our Slack community. If you upgrade your job post to include the marketing boost, we will also share the job post in our email digest for jobs and/or Techqueria’s social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram).

What if my company partners with ICE?

We have a strict “No Tech for ICE” policy of not partnering with any companies that have active contracts with ICE. If your company does partner with ICE and purchases a job post, we will issue a refund and email you explaining why.

How long does it take for a job post to be approved?

As of June 29, 2021, we no longer manually approve job posts. All job posts are automatically approved upon purchase. However, if a job post is in conflict with our No Tech for ICE policy, we will follow up directly with the employer and remove it from our website.

Can I purchase multiple job posts at the same time?

You can purchase bulk job post packages that come with a discount. We do not currently have a way to purchase multiple individual job posts at the same time but this feature is on our roadmap.

Is the job post shared anywhere else?

We are working on the ability to have job posts automatically shared in the #jobs channel within our Slack community and our social media platforms. Sharing in Slack would be free while you would need to purchase add-ons to share the job post on our social media platforms. For now, job posts are just shared on our website.

Can I edit a job post after it’s approved?

Yes, by logging in to the employer dashboard, you can make edits to your job post even if it’s not live yet.

Can I renew a job post once it’s expired without submitting again?

Yes, by logging in to the employer dashboard, you can renew an already expired job post by hovering over the post and clicking “Relist”.

Can I delete a job post?

Yes, by logging in to the employer dashboard, you can delete a job post at any time by hovering over the post and clicking “Delete”.

How do I view how many clicks my job post has gotten?

You can access the stats for an individual job post by by logging in to the employer dashboard, hovering over the post and clicking “View stats”.

I don’t see my question here.

Please email us at and we’ll aim to get back to you within 48 business hours.