We use Slack Workflow Builder & Donut for onboarding.

This way, folks get ramped up on Slack pretty quickly and the community is a whole lot more engaged and effective.

If you have feedback on onboarding, let us know in the #meta channel.

 *Welcome to Techqueria* 

We're a community of Latinx professionals in the tech industry and we're so excited for you to be joining us!

As part of onboarding, we'd love it if you uploaded a photo of yourself  and completely filled out your profile on Slack. 

> You can include useful information in your profile like what your current role is, where you are based, your personal website, LinkedIn, Twitter or GitHub. 
> And if it applies to you, there's even the option to showcase that you're job searching, willing to give a job referral or looking for mentors. 

_Uploading a photo_ https://get.slack.help/hc/en-us/articles/115005506003

_Filling out your profile_ https://get.slack.help/hc/en-us/articles/204092246-Edit-your-profile

Now that you're situated, go ahead and introduce yourself in the #introductions channel so we can all _get to know who you are_! 

If you're an ally, please introduce yourself using the #allies channel. 

> Below is a very brief template to help you get started 

Hola Techqueria! I'm _ and I'm currently working as a _ for _.

I'm originally from _ and I am currently living in _.

Happy to be here!

All participants in the Techqueria Slack are required to comply with the following code of conduct - make sure to read through it! 

_If you have any questions, comments or concerns at all_, you can reach out to us via #meta, contact us through our website or even DM us `@Techqueria` - we are here to help! 



You can learn how to get the most out of the Techqueria Slack Workspace through our _Slack Community Guidelines_ :slack:

_Topics covered include_
• the different types of channels you can join
• best practices when using Slack
• setting up a Techqueria themed sidebar
• using our kudos app called HeyTaco
• using and adding custom emoji
• helpful resources if you're new to Slack
• y mucho más


Now that you've been using Slack for a little bit, *here are our top three recommendations*  :slack:

1. Fill out your profile completely so it's easier to distinguish you in a channel


2. Use threads for deeper discussions around specific topics or posts without clogging the rest of the channel 


3. When joining new channels, make sure to check the pinned items for useful information and tidbits 


_Here at Techqueria, we use tacos to lift each other up_ 

So whenever you'd like to add a little happiness to someone's day, just give them a taco and include a nice message, like this:

`@username your positive attitude was a real help today! `

> How HeyTaco works: https://www.heytaco.chat/how

1. Every person in our Slack can give up to 5 tacos per day 
2. To give someone a taco, just add a taco emoji after their username 
3. You can give tacos to anyone on your team as long as the bot has invited to the channel and if the bot isn't in the channel yet, you can use `/invite @heytaco` to invite it 
4. There is a leaderboard (login with your Slack account) to see who is getting the most tacos at https://www.heytaco.chat/leaderboard 
5. If you need help, you can just DM @heytaco the word `help` and it will assist you :hey-taco:


_Make sure you uploaded a profile picture and filled out your profile_ 

Your profile photo helps us know who you are in Slack. If your photo is clear, it'll be easier for someone to pick you out in a crowd at a Techqueria event!

It's okay if you don't want to upload a photo of your face for privacy reasons. Just uploading any photo that defines you and differentiates you from others will really help - it can even be a sunflower. 



_Handy Slack Reacjis (aka Emoji Reactions) & What They Mean_ :slack:

 Please use threads next time

 Please upload a profile picture

:chill-out-with-the-posts: You should probably stop posting the same message so many times

:switch-to-a-different-channel: You are probably posting to the wrong channel

 I'm looking into this

 This issue was resolved

 You're awesome - have a taco

_Joined any new channels yet? Did you not find the one you wanted?_ :slack:

If you'd like to request a channel that doesn't already exist, check out #meta-request-channel 

Alrighty, this will be the last onboarding message from us today as we do our best to cut down on interruptions 

_If you're interested, you can find more information about Techqueria on our website or through social media!_


:twitter: https://twitter.com/techqueria

:instagram: https://instagram.com/techqueria

:facebook: https://facebook.com/techqueria

:linkedin: https://linkedin.com/company/techqueria

:github: https://github.com/techqueria

:patreon: https://patreon.com/techqueria

:meetup: https://www.meetup.com/techqueria


To Add

Once we get more access to Donut, we will add these messages in as well.

1 month

Congrats on your 1 month anniversary with the Techqueria community 

You guac our world! 

3 months

Happy 3 month anniversary with Techqueria 

Orange you amazing?! 

6 months

Congrats on your 6 month anniversary with the Techqueria community 

You're one in a melon! 

1 year

Happy 1 year anniversary with Techqueria 

Looks like we make a great pear! 

2 years

Congrats on your 2 year anniversary with the Techqueria community 

You're more than we avo hoped for! 

3 years

Happy 3 year anniversary with Techqueria 

We're getting bananas for you! 

4 years

Congrats on your 4 year anniversary with the Techqueria community 

This is just berry amazing!