Earlier this year, a few members of our team attended a networking event hosted by Techqueria, a community of Latinx professionals in the tech industry. Our team had an awesome time, and we were really impressed with the event and how many talented and driven young professionals we spoke to. Our CTO/co-founder Qian, knew one of Techqueriaโ€™s board members, Phil Ventura, so we coordinated with him to sponsor our own event for their members. After a few weeks of prep work, we hosted On the Front Lines of Ed Tech, a networking event and panel centered around helping people understand what edtech is and how someone might break into this world. We hoped to give audience members a crash course (minus a final exam); the discussion focused on issues such as transitioning to edtech, building impactful products, and the importance of diversity in this space. Panelists included a mix of founders, leaders, and those earlier in their career:

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Frances is the Executive Director of Techqueria and a software engineer at Slack.