The Dream Resource Center,, and UndocuMedia Partner to bring Immigrant Youth-led Hackathon in LA

“UndocuHacks 2017” brought together professionals in the tech industry, community leaders, advocates, and others personally affected by immigration policies for 36 hours of consecutive hacking to develop digital tools for protection, education, and organizing. Roughly 40 young immigrants with DACA status from across the country convened in Los Angeles for the country’s first-ever immigrant youth-led hackathon, just days after President Trump decided to end the DACA program. The hackathon was sponsored by UndocuMedia,, the Dream Resource Center at the UCLA Labor Center, the Latino Coalition for a Healthy California (LCHC), Mi Mentor, Techqueria, Codesmith, SUBB and Enplug.

UndocuHack 2017: Wining projects!

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Frances was a volunteer/staff member for Techqueria from April 2018 to May 2022. She previously served as a Technology Director, Executive Director, and Board Member/Advisor.