#LHM Summit was Techqueria’s first ever virtual summit that took place during Latinx Heritage Month (LHM) earlier this month from Wednesday October 7th to Friday October 9th, 2020.

It was created to empower Latinx professionals in tech, connect them with companies who are committed to inclusion and to celebrate the thriving Latinx in tech community.

Final Stats

Our mission for #LHM was to increase the visibility and leadership of Latinx professionals in tech by bringing them all together in one place to engage with thought leaders, network and ultimately grow and learn from each other.

We feel the event met our mission goals and exceeded all our expectations!

  • RSVPs: 1,836
  • Hopin Registrations: 1,638
  • Attendee Turnout: 1,480
  • Session Visitors: 1,155
  • Stage Visitors: 1,045
  • Expo Visitors: 765
  • Networking Visitors: 699
  • Networking Connections Made: 636
  • Total Messages in Chat: 954
  • Average User Rating: 9.14/10
  • Average Time Spent Per Attendee: 7.3 hours
  • Raffle Prize Entries: 214
  • Raffle Prizes Total Value: $6,110
  • Speakers: 91
  • Sessions: 33
  • Volunteers: 12
  • Sponsors: 9
  • Performances: 6
  • Hours of New Content on YouTube: 28

Audience Overview

as of 10/6

  • 90% self-identify as Latinx
  • 83% open to job ops, 36% actively applying
  • 59% female, 39% male, 2% non-binary or other
  • 25% in engineering
  • 6.72 YOE on average

as of 10/26

all stats remained same, only two changed slighty:

  • 24% in engineering
  • 6.52 YOE on average
Audience Overview

Call to Action

We would love to get your feedback on the summit so we can improve for next year and we welcome you to check out all the photos and videos!

Sponsors 🤝

A big thank you to our corporate sponsors, partners and the entire #LHM Summit Team for their support!


Team 🌿

We couldn’t have made this a reality without our core team:

The #LHM Summit Team

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Questions? 🤔

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📝 About the author

Frances was a volunteer/staff member for Techqueria from April 2018 to May 2022. She previously served as a Technology Director, Executive Director, and Board Member/Advisor.