#LHM Summit 🌿

Wednesday October 7th to Friday October 9th, 2020

#LHM Summit was Techqueria's first ever virtual summit that took place during Latinx Heritage Month (LHM).

It was created to empower Latinx professionals in tech, connect them with companies who are committed to inclusion and to celebrate the thriving Latinx in tech community.

Event Recap 🌮

Our mission for #LHM was to increase the visibility and leadership of Latinx professionals in tech by bringing them all together in one place to engage with thought leaders, network and ultimately grow and learn from each other.

We feel the event met our mission goals and exceeded all our expectations!

  • RSVPs: 1,836
  • Hopin Registrations: 1,638
  • Attendee Turnout: 1,480
  • Session Visitors: 1,155
  • Stage Visitors: 1,045
  • Expo Visitors: 765
  • Networking Visitors: 699
  • Networking Connections Made: 636
  • Total Messages in Chat: 954

  • Average User Rating: 9.14/10
  • Average Time Spent Per Attendee: 7.3 hours
  • Raffle Prize Entries: 214
  • Raffle Prizes Total Value: $6,110
  • Speakers: 91
  • Sessions: 33
  • Volunteers: 12
  • Sponsors: 9
  • Performances: 6

Attendee Benefits 🥳



Let's honor and recognize our achievements during Latinx Heritage Month



Get the chance to connect with the largest community of Latinx in tech



Hear the perspectives and advice from different Latinx professionals and leaders in tech



Get the chance to win unique promos from our partners and raffle prizes delivered to you

Speakers 💬

Featuring 91 Latinx professionals and leaders in tech

Adriana Flores-Ragade

Latinx in America Podcast

Alejandra Vasquez

Documentary Filmmaker | Producer
Varsity Oro

Alejandro Jimenez

Graduate Student
Harvard Graduate School of Education

Alexis Lucio

Accessibility and Inclusive Design Lead

Amanda Lopez

Manager, Talent Acquisition (Digital Experience)

Amber Gonzales-Vargas

Senior Program Manager
Latino Community Foundation

Amelia Garcia

Senior Strategy Associate

Andrew Gonzalez

Recruiting Partnerships & Operations Associate
Jam City

Angie Calderon

Talent Specialist

Annelise Hagar-Preciado

Operations Program Manager

Ariele Faber

White House Presidential Innovation Fellows (Invited)

Barbara Teyssandier

Recruiter, Operations

Brendon Villalobos

Machine Learning Technical Lead

Camilo Payan

Web Developer
Residential Elevator Manufacturing, Inc

Cari Perez

Community Manager
General Assembly

Carita Marrow

Diversity & Inclusion Talent Program Manager

Cat Martinez

Community Growth Manager

Catalina Peña

Founder & Career Coach
Catalyst Creation

Celina Zamora

Sr. Program Manager, Developer Community

Cesar Manara

Community Manager
Stack Overflow

Christian Arana

Policy Director
Latino Community Foundation

Citalli Solano Leonce

Director of Engineering

Claire Miller

Senior Technical Support Engineer

Cuco Vega

Co-Founder & CTO

Cynthia Maxwell

Studio UI Engineering Manager

Damian Gona

Regional Vice President - Latin America & Caribbean

Dia Bondi

Communications Catalyst & Coach
Dia Bondi Communications

Dr. Ricardo Baeza-Yates

Director of Graduate Data Science Programs
Northeastern University

Eddy Monge

Community & Culture Manager

Elaine Montilla

Assistant Vice President and CIO
The Graduate Center, CUNY

Eliana Briceno

Senior Customer Success Manager and Team Lead

Emmanuel Olvera


Erika Galeana-Sanchez

Sr. Creative Producer

Felipe Ventura

Executive Director

Frances Coronel

Executive Director

Francisco Alegria


Francisco Javier Arceo

Founder & CEO

Gabrielle Rejouis

Senior Policy Manager
Color of Change

Greg Peters

COO & Chief Product Officer

Hillary Mickell

Dean and Regional CEO
Northeastern University

Indira Gutierrez

Senior Software Engineer

Jessyka Castillo

Agency Partnerships
Cloud.gov (Invited)

John Paul Brammer

Author and Illustrator
¡Hola Papi!

Jose Fermoso

Points of Presence Media

Jose Rodriguez Salinas

Senior Software Engineer
Humu Inc

José Vadi

Contributing Producer
Pop-Up Magazine

Josh Torres

Chief of Staff
Out in Tech

Joél-Léhi Organista

Founder & CEO

Julieta Dasilva


Justin Kitagawa

Senior Director, Software Engineering

Karina Macias Sandoval

Recruiting and Talent Operations
Nova Credit

Kelly Kitagawa

Senior Solutions Engineer

Kendra Morales

VP of Client Engagement
Betts Recruiting

Kendra Ritterhern

Product Manager

Krys Flores

Senior Software Engineer

Laura Dominguez

Career Services Manager

Liliana Hu Wu

Dreamers in Tech

Lisa Del Sol

Director of Community

Lorena Villeges

Director of Operations

Luis Curiel

Engineering Recruiter

Maria Del Carmen Saenz

Senior DevOps Engineer
PEAK6 Investments

Marley Pulido-Vargas

Director, Worker Resources and Training

Maxeme Tuchman

CEO & Co-Founder

Mica Alaniz

Senior Software Engineer, Tech Lead
DNC (Democratic National Committee)

Michael Anthony Urbina

Executive Recruiter

Michael Orozco

Program Manager, Inclusion Recruiting Programs

Michael Tristan

Head of Sales & Customer Success Enablement

Michelle Gomez

Life & Career Coach
Michelle Gomez Coaching

Mina Rabideaux

Senior Analyst, Data & Analytics

Mo Ramos

Program Manager, Diversity Talent Acquisition (University Talent)

Noel Claudio


Odalys Jasmine Garcia Arce

Host & Creator
Hella Latin@ Podcast

Pablo Colunga

Candidate for Masters in Computer Science
Northeastern University

Paola Mariselli

Product Design Manager

Paola Quevedo

Graduate Student in Computer Science
Northeastern University

Pia Zaragoza

VP of Accessibility Research and Insights
JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Rachael Olasunkanmi

Student Finance Account Manager
We can Code IT

Rachel Smith

Design to Combat COVID-19

Ramona Robles

Learning & Development Manager
Unite Us

Red Avila

Senior Technical Recruiter

Renee Ramirez

Executive Advisor

Sofia Rodriguez

Senior Community Manager

Stephanie Rivera

Full Stack Bureaucrat
18F (Invited)

Tonatiuh Ramos

Dreamers in Tech

Victoria Bitzer-Wales

Strategic Engagement and Communications, IT Modernization Centers of Excellence
GSA (Invited)

Ximena Cervantes

Senior Technical Recruiter
Vouch Insurance

Yeimi Andrea Fuquen Moreno

Senior Software Engineer

Yesenia Rosales

Insurance Customer Care/QC Manager

Yoselin Gonzalez-Mendez

Community Engagement Manager
First Graduate

Yvette Ramirez


Zainab Ebrahimi

Software Engineering Consultant
Tall Poppy

Performers 🎤

Chulita Vinyl Club

Utilizing music and vinyl as a form of resistance against the erasure of culture

Karol Posadas

Selena Tribute Band

Mariachi Arcoiris de Los Angeles

First and only LGBTQ Mariachi in the world

Alán Hensley

PluralMusic DJ & Co-Owner

Sally Limon

Oakland’s own bearded bilingual baby drag thing

Schedule 🗓️

30+ sessions with keynotes, networking, expo and performances

Day 1 - LHM Summit

Day 1

Wednesday, October 7th

Getting Hired

9 AM-11 AM PT // 11 AM-1 PM CT // 12 PM-2 PM ET

Before Hours
Networking & Expo

11 AM PT // 1 PM CT // 2 PM ET

Welcome from Techqueria with the Executive Directors, Frances & Felipe

11:45 AM PT // 1:45 PM CT // 2:45 PM ET

1) Non-Technical Careers @ Hyper-Growth Startups

2) Fireside Chat with Regional VP of Latin America & Caribbean at Zendesk

12:30 PM PT // 2:30 PM CT // 3:30 PM ET

1) Getting Hired Into Tech

2) Interview Prep

1:15 PM PT // 3:15 PM CT // 4:15 PM ET

During Hours
Performers, Networking & Expo

2 PM PT // 4 PM CT // 5 PM ET

1) Level Up & Gain Visibility

2) Salary Negotiation 101

2:45 PM PT // 4:45 PM CT // 5:45 PM ET

1) AMA with Technical Recruiters

2) AMA with Non-Technical Recruiters

3:30 PM PT // 5:30 PM CT // 6:30 PM ET

1) Building an International Remote Startup

2) Overcoming Marianismo & Elevating Your Career

4:15 PM-5 PM PT // 6:15 PM CT-7 PM CT // 7:15 PM PT-8 PM ET

After Hours
Performers, Networking & Expo

Day 2 - LHM Summit

Day 2

Thursday, October 8th

Career Growth

9 AM-11 AM PT // 11 AM-1 PM CT // 12 PM-2 PM ET

Before Hours
Networking & Expo

11 AM PT // 1 PM CT // 2 PM ET

Keynote with Max Tuchman, Latinx CEO + Co-Founder of Caribu

11:45 AM PT // 1:45 PM CT // 2:45 PM ET

1) Designing with Inclusion

2) Claim Your Space to Challenge the Imposter Experience

12:30 PM PT // 2:30 PM CT // 3:30 PM ET

1) Como la Flor - Recognizing Toxic Work Environments

2) Your Personal Guide to Understanding Your Recruiter

1:15 PM PT // 3:15 PM CT // 4:15 PM ET

During Hours
Performers, Networking & Expo

2 PM PT // 4 PM CT // 5 PM ET

1) Day in the Life of a PM

2) Getting Promoted to Senior Engineer

2:45 PM PT // 4:45 PM CT // 5:45 PM ET

1) Panel with Community Managers

2) Latinas in Engineering

3:30 PM PT // 5:30 PM CT // 6:30 PM ET

1) Bridging the Gap between Education & Career in Tech

2) Decolonizing Work

4:15 PM-5 PM PT // 6:15 PM CT-7 PM CT // 7:15 PM PT-8 PM ET

After Hours
Performers, Networking & Expo

Day 3 - LHM Summit

Day 3

Friday, October 9th

Celebrating Community

9 AM-11 AM PT // 11 AM-1 PM CT // 12 PM-2 PM ET

Before Hours
Networking & Expo

11 AM PT // 1 PM CT // 2 PM ET

Fireside Chat with Product Leadership from Netflix

11:45 AM PT // 1:45 PM CT // 2:45 PM ET

1) Uplifting our Paths to Tech, Becoming Advocates

2) Living in Spanglish, and what about it?

12:30 PM PT // 2:30 PM CT // 3:30 PM ET

1) Finding Community in ERGs

2) Navigating Success as a Queer Latinx in Tech

1:15 PM PT // 3:15 PM CT // 4:15 PM ET

During Hours
Performers, Networking & Expo

2 PM PT // 4 PM CT // 5 PM ET

1) The Magic of Afro-Latinidad: Compartmentalizing our Identity & Experience as Afro-Latinx

2) Building A Career and Community in Civic Tech

2:45 PM PT // 4:45 PM CT // 5:45 PM ET

1) Latinx Podcast Panel

2) Fireside Chat on Your Right to Vote

3:30 PM PT // 5:30 PM CT // 6:30 PM ET

Pop Up Magazine — Stories for Latinx Heritage Month

4:15 PM-5 PM PT // 6:15 PM CT-7 PM CT // 7:15 PM PT-8 PM ET

After Hours
Performers, Networking & Expo

Sponsors & Partners 💙

Hosted on
Hopin.to 💻

We'll be using Hopin.to to host #LHM Summit which comes packed with a lot of great features!

  • Join hands-on sessions
  • Visit expo booths
  • Network 1-on-1

Raffle Prizes 🎁

Headspace Subscriptions

Live a healthier, happier, more well-rested life in just a few minutes a day with the Headspace app.

2 subscriptions available, $95 value each.

Coffee Shift Connoisseur Kits

Coffee Shift is co-owned by the participating growers and was created to share greater benefit with the very farmers who produce our coffee- coffee that is more fair than fair trade.

4 kits available, $30 value each.

General Assembly
Scholarships & Gift Cards

Master new skills in design, marketing, technology, and data — online or at GA's campuses around the world.

12-Week On Demand Course — 5 scholarships available, $850 value each.

Workshop Gift Card - 5 gift cards, $250 value each.

Interviewing.io Practice Interviews

Practice interviewing with engineers from Google, Facebook, and more... anonymously.

3 interviews available, $100 value each.

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If you're part of Techqueria's Slack community, you can join us in #meta-conference where you can receive updates and ask us any questions.

Slack Community

The Team 💛

Who's making all this possible

Felipe Ventura

Executive Director, Techqueria

Frances Coronel

Executive Director, Techqueria

Mary Ramirez

Partnerships Lead, Techqueria

Francisco Cruz-Mendoza

Social Media Lead, Techqueria

Cari Perez

Chapter Director for Miami, Techqueria

Sal Ramirez

Volunteer — Speakers, Promos & Raffle Prizes

Michael Urbina

Volunteer — Influencers, Comms

Cat Martinez

Volunteer — Sessions, Hopin.to

Maria Jose Rios

Volunteer — Social Media

Yazeli Cruz

Volunteer — Influencers, Promos & Raffle Prizes

Roberto Salcido

Volunteer — Comms

Irene Rivera

Volunteer — Social Media

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Founded in 2015, we are the largest community of Latinx professionals in tech in the U.S. with over 11,000 members and 7 active chapters. Our online Slack community has 8,000+ members and 2,000+ weekly active users.

The majority of our members work in PDE (product, design and engineering), have 5 years of experience on average, identify as millennials and join Techqueria through word of mouth.

We work with both tech companies and employee resource groups (ERGs) to build Latinx-centered spaces that revolve around career advice, recruiting, mentorship and networking in order to comprehensively affect change in the tech industry.

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