Techqueria started in Nov 2015, the first meetup had only 3 people in a co-working space in Berkeley. The community has grown a lot since. There are members in several states, lots of new friends and connections are being made, members are finding jobs, mentors, and a place to celebrate the progress Latinx are making in tech community.

We’re not a tiny meetup anymore. The community is growing and there have been a lot of people working to make this possible: co-organizers, volunteers, sponsors, advisors, speakers, chapter leaders and the members that are so great to each other. We really value all the contributions everyone has made and continues to make!

Unfortunately in the past I haven’t always been mindful of everyone, we have failed to disclose the way we work, include more people in our decisions, and recognize the work of all team members, and the organization has lost valuable contributors because of that.

Going forward we want to be more transparent about our work and decision making, recognize the efforts of every team member and volunteers, listen to diverse viewpoints and ensure we’re being inclusive, and have an organizing team that reflects the diversity of our member base.

As a first step we’re assembling a diverse board of advisors to ensure inclusivity in every aspect and accountability, we will be holding more open organizing sessions, we’re gathering data to prepare a report on our progress, and we’re opening feedback channels to make sure your opinion is taken into account.

Help us shape the future of the community by sharing your feedback with us, let us know what you like, what can we improve, programs you’d like to see and ideas for the future.

You can send anonymous feedback by DMing us on slack or you can request some time to meet for office hours in the East Bay or NYC.

We’d also love to see more of you involved with the organization!

If you would like to get involved in the decisions and work of the organization let us know!

📝 About the author

Frances was a volunteer/staff member for Techqueria from April 2018 to May 2022. She previously served as a Technology Director, Executive Director, and Board Member/Advisor.

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