There were ~600 RSVPs and ~250 attendees so the room was PACKED!

Muppet Version

We loved this analogy.

Real Life


We had an amazing time with a dozen different Latinx in Tech speakers speaking about their life and work experiences.


Dulce Villarreal

James Loduca

Melisa Im

Tonatiuh Ramos

Edgardo Perez

Audrey Galo

Krystal Flores

Alexis Lucio

Hugo Castellanos

Charlie Rivas

Marco Medina

Gabrielle Cardoza


For the event, we encouraged people to use the hashtag #LatinxTechTwitter on social media. And they did.

In fact, we got so much traction Wednesday night with that hashtag that we ended up trending on Twitter for San Francisco. Ellen Pao tweeted about it. There were photos, videos and GIFs galore.

El Paso

The proudest moment for us though was the sheer generosity our Latinx community brought to the table. The event leads recognized the level of trauma our community went through with the El Paso shooting recently and this heaviness was acknowledged multiple times throughout the event as well.

Ergo, we decided to have our main call to action be to donate to the El Paso Community Foundation which had a fund to support the El Paso victims. Our initial target for donations in our meeting the night before was $250. By the end of the event, we ended up with ~$2,500 in donations.


To conclude, we’ll end with some words from James… “we are a powerful force”.

Let’s keep at it. ¡Adelante!

Thank You

We have a whole thread dedicated to all the folks who helped out — we couldn’t have done it without you all!






For videos of the talks, check out the playlist below.

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Frances was a volunteer/staff member for Techqueria from April 2018 to May 2022. She previously served as a Technology Director, Executive Director, and Board Member/Advisor.