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At Flexpa we’re solving hard problems in healthcare by making it easy for patients to share their claims, benefit coverage, and other data from health plans. We’re a developer-first platform with rich APIs, robust developer documentation, and other tools to help applications to build novel patient and provider experiences powered by claims data.


We believe in open standards, open source, and open, transparent culture. We surround ourselves with excellent people who want to build the best products, with high independence, drive, and enthusiasm. We expect this will be a good role for mid-to-senior-level career developers who share our values and want to work on hard problems.



If you join us, you’ll be an early team member in helping shape:

  • Our future company culture
  • Our engineering practices
  • The direction & focus of our products

Developers on the team today:

  • Work primarily in TypeScript (for real – no @ts-ignore comments or splattering any declarations everywhere)
  • Ship UIs in React, often with Tailwind, and usually with Next.js
  • Model our domain and persist data in PostgreSQL and care deeply about the hardest problem in computer science: naming things
  • Commit against a monorepo backed by Turborepo — one repo, one CI pipeline, one deploy action for all of our code from infrastructure to APIs to documentation
  • Carefully review pull requests for each other and actually run the code
    Focus on time-to-value and prioritizing velocity and speed of iteration (we know getting to product fit means having as many possible swings at bat)
  • Value clear written communication (we write more than we speak)
  • Set clear goals for themselves and commit to them in a group setting
  • Uphold best practices in engineering, security, and privacy
  • Put themselves in the shoes of our users to craft a great experience
  • Can always answer the question “what did you ship this week?”

Skills & Experience:

  • 3+ years of working full-time as a software engineer (strongly preferred)
  • Experience with TypeScript (strongly preferred)
  • Experience with functional programming patterns (preferred)

Nice to Haves:

  • Experience building APIs as a product
  • Experience with HL7 FHIR
  • Design experience and in particular UI/UX chops
  • Previous startup experience, especially ex-founders


All full-time employees enjoy:

  • Health plan benefits
  • A home office credit
  • ESOP participation
  • 100% remote position & co-working membership



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Tell us about the interview process for this job

If we interview you, you can expect these milestones: *You meet the hiring manager for the role *You are invited to complete a work sample test *You complete two calls with other team members *We speak with two references you provide *We make an offer

Tell us about your diversity and inclusion efforts

Navigating healthcare looks different for everyone. We want to make sure that all sides of the story are captured at Flexpa and that starts with our employees. We embrace diversity and invite individuals from all walks of life to put their best foot forward here at Flexpa.

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